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Jumpstart Your Child’s Future

Supporting Teens & Young Adult Needs with Mindset and Life Coaching

Meet Jenn

Certified Teen Life Coach

Hello! My name is Jenn Brown and I am a certified Life Coach for Young Adults and Teens dedicated to empowering the next generation.


Partnering with parents, I work with students to learn the skills required to take responsibility, make empowered choices and gain confidence along the way. I like to call this the classroom for life and it is a powerful and proven way to invest in your child’s future!


Find out more about the success program here and read my story at the button below.


What I Specialize In





Conflict Resolution

Goal Setting and Progress

Personalized Studying Styles

Smiling Girl - Jenn Brown Coaching


I can't thank Jenn Brown Coaching enough for the impact she's made on my life. Jenn is an incredible teen coach, but sometimes it's the mom who needs support. When I first started working with her, I was feeling lost and scattered and honestly just afraid to show up in a variety of areas. She has this gift of calming the "swirl" in my brain and pinpointing exactly what I'm feeling and in doing so, makes me feel incredibly seen and heard. She's been my motivational kickstarter, accountability partner, and organizational master. It's because of her coaching that I am now showing up with my whole heart -- in my business, for my family, and for myself. Jenn, with all my heart, thank you for your unwavering support.  

JBC Parent Client

After doing a six-week session with Jenn, our high school aged son has improved his academic performance and been able to achieve challenging academic objectives while also repairing and enhancing his personal relationships with teachers and family members. Her techniques were pivotal towards accentuating his strong suits while working on his other traits. Through this work, a greater sense of purpose has become a reality for him. Their sessions were productive and efficient, and Jenn always closes the session with a weekly goal in mind.  Our son is continuing to become a more confident and fulfilled individual as a result of Jenn’s coaching.

- JBC Parent- 15 Year Old Client

What Jenn Brown is doing for our daughter is remarkable! Jenn has helped navigate our daughter into a beautiful young lady by giving her the tools necessary to adjust from those wonky tween years into a thriving teenager.that is more self confident and just excited about each day ahead. Thank you Jenn for loving our kid like your own and for helping Jayden be her best self!! We are excited to see what this year brings !! 

JBC Parent- 14 Year Old Client

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