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Jumpstart Your Child’s Future

Supporting Teens & Young Adult Needs with Mindset and Life Coaching

Meet Jenn

Certified Teen Life Coach

Hello! My name is Jenn Brown and I am a certified Life Coach for Young Adults and Teens dedicated to empowering the next generation.


Partnering with parents, I work with students to learn the skills required to take responsibility, make empowered choices and gain confidence along the way. I like to call this the classroom for life and it is a powerful and proven way to invest in your child’s future!


Find out more about the success program here and read my story at the button below.

Jenn Brown Coaching Headshot

What I Specialize In





Conflict Resolution

Goal Setting and Progress

Personalized Studying Styles

Smiling Girl - Jenn Brown Coaching


Jenn Brown is a genuine person and a coach who genuinely cares! ... She's not a stranger to adversity herself and shows up with that empathy holding space for her clients to feel safe and heard. I would highly recommend Jenn!

- Pam, Dallas TX

... When Jenn coaches you, she truly listens and cares, making you feel like you're the most important, talented person on earth. She is encouraging, energetic, fun, sweet and sharp! She is someone who finds great joy in helping and being there for her clients.  ...  I highly recommend Jenn as a coach who really listens and genuinely cares!

- John B., Ph.D.

Jenn's unique blend of gentle yet assertive guidance was exactly what I needed to light a fire under me in some areas of life where I was stuck. ... Jenn brings a powerhouse of wisdom to coaching with her years of experience as an educator, professional training, and hard won life experience. I am so glad I made this investment ...

- Jami, Colorado

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