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Getting off the Merry Go Round of Negative Thoughts

Negative thought cycles are like a Merry Go Round and can get trapped going round and round and round until you are mentally and physically exhausted. Taking action to stop and bring awareness to this habit is going to save a lot of energy to use for the good stuff in life.

* Have you ever seen a teen struggle with a hard task in front of them and melt down, change their body language, or just give up all together?

* Negative self-talk is something that we all have inside of us. The interesting thing about this type of self-talk is that it is your inner, most precious self trying to protect you from something that can be seen as scary and has the possibility of causing hurt and pain. Your inner body guard is saying, "Step away from the situation, because it might not bring good feelings." Therefore, we get in the habit or thought traps that are often telling us that we are not good enough.

This is such a big lesson with my clients because reworking thought spirals can shift how they think about themselves. Just imagine if you had this awareness at such a young age. It's a game changer! A few strategies I use to rewrite the negative self talk of my clients include:

  • Identifying and exploring the triggers that create the negative self-talk spirals

  • Spend time turning the specific negative self-talk into positive self-talk affirmations (This is where the most time is spent because it has to come from them to have full buy-in)

  • Practice regular check-ins with ones self to monitor their own thoughts and beliefs about themselves.

  • Help them create boundaries that protect them from negative triggers and building good habits that support the new positive affirmations

Building this new perspective takes time and intentional efforts, but the pay off is huge and a lifelong habit. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in that free discovery call soon!

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