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Hello dear reader, my name is Jenn Brown, and I am so happy you found my blog. Creating this avenue of communication is going to give me the opportunity to get to reflect on my passion for understanding how our minds and actions work amid today’s world, share my self-reflections of my journey as I grow and expand my business, and of course, continue to explore the understanding of this big world of coaching teens and young adults.

It’s interesting how things happen in this life. When you are little, you never imagine the twists and turns that life will take you on. Perhaps that is the beauty of it all and the endless opportunity of leaning into your dreams. My trajectory got turned upside down when I received the phone call that my newly turned eight-year-old was diagnosed with Leukemia. Talk about taking the wind out of your sail and seeing life stripped down to your core existence. The busyness of life dissolved and I cared for my baby day in and day out to do hard things like keep her meds down and practicing walking up the steps. Sitting in the hospital room is where I decided that if my child could be so brave and strong that I could listen to the little voice inside of me. I knew I had a bigger job to do and care for my family that day, but the burning to help others never went away.

Now that this very child (healthy and 6 years in remission) is my biggest cheerleader, I feel like it’s time to use all my experience as a teacher, mom, teenager, and mentor to put my mark on this world.

Jenn Brown Coaching is my heart and passion all wrapped into one beautiful twist that I am honored to present as my gift to the world. Follow along with me as I embark on the gift of possibility. I would love to have you.

-Until next time


Jenn Brown, Jenn Brown Coaching for Teens and Young Adults

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