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Students on a Break

It’s Time to Set Your Teen or Young Adult up for Success!

This 6 and 12 week coaching program is designed for teens and young adults who are:


✔️ Approaching graduation with little or no insights on job hunting skills, colleges and college majors, or what direction they want to go in life


✔️ Seemingly lacking motivation


✔️ Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities or decisions (analysis paralysis)


✔️ Afraid or uncomfortable asserting or advocating for themselves in a professional or scholastic setting (e.g. addressing a bad grade or undesired circumstance)


✔️ Perpetuating negative self-talk (especially in an athletic setting)


✔️ In a family experiencing divorce or unsettling living circumstances


✔️ Experiencing the effects of stress and anxiety from social settings, including the world of technology

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Jenn Brown Coaching Headshot


Hello! My name is Jenn Brown and I am a lifelong educator, mother, wife, soul searcher, sports enthusiast, and forever optimist. 


I have worked with kids in development and growth from six weeks old to high school and my passion is to support their future. I remember how hard it was to not only survive high school, but thrive while making big decisions and learning how to create healthy, lifelong habits.


After sixteen years in the classroom, I’ve learned how to support and build conscientious relationships with teens and young adults; so, starting Jenn Brown Coaching just felt natural.


I count this as my opportunity to assist and create a family community with my clients as an empowering life coach who truly cares about them and their future.


My dream is to watch my clients thrive, grow and be the best versions of themselves, while also supporting their parents each step of the way.


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This twelve-week program offers an anchored space for teens and young adults to address the situations standing in their way of personal growth and satisfaction. 


We learn how to cultivate a strong sense of self esteem and the skills necessary to take control of and make healthy decisions.


Together, we approach specific and general situations in your student’s life with a deep dive into the thoughts, feelings that lie beneath the surface, driving their actions. Your student will come away with the skills needed - and a comfortable approach - to navigating life’s challenges in a respectful, responsible way!

Sound too deep or too good to be true? Check out the success story below!

From Disengaged →
to Leading the Way

My dearest friend has a junior in high school.


Her daughter (let’s call her Jane) just started visiting colleges in and out of the state. As opposed to trodding around each campus with a fear of the unknown, 😫 Jane and I agreed that she would visit each college with an open mind, always curious as to how the school is able to meet her needs and if they match her core values. 


Eventually, her curious mindset (something we worked on) will help her choose a college based on what campus is best suited for her happiness and success. 


Through coaching, Jane has grown internally, which is now showing externally! She’s ready to start college courses this summer to get a head start on her degree. Her mom can’t believe the initiative she is showing and feels like she has taken control of and is responsible for her future.


For Jane to feel confident, motivated, and in control during this decision-making process, she had to address what was going on beneath the surface (core values, thoughts, desires, emotions, etc.). Because her mindset is crucial.


She is currently (and confidently!) working on applications and we will continue to work on taking steps forward and making the healthiest choices that set her up for the best college career experience.

She's not the only one!


I am so happy that I discovered Jenn’s coaching program. She was so upbeat and warm that I had no problem talking about things going on in my life. I realized that I was stuck doing the same things over and over and with some planning with Jenn, I was able to try something new. I look at my choices in a different way, which makes going to school so much less stressful for me. I think every high school kid would benefit from meeting with Jenn!
JBC Parent Client 

After doing a six-week session with Jenn, our high school aged son has improved his academic performance and been able to achieve challenging academic objectives while also repairing and enhancing his personal relationships with teachers and family members. Her techniques were pivotal towards accentuating his strong suits while working on his other traits. Through this work, a greater sense of purpose has become a reality for him. Their sessions were productive and efficient, and Jenn always closes the session with a weekly goal in mind.  Our son is continuing to become a more confident and fulfilled individual as a result of Jenn’s coaching.

-JBC Parent- 15 Year Old Client

What Jenn Brown is doing for our daughter is remarkable! Jenn has helped navigate our daughter into a beautiful young lady by giving her the tools necessary to adjust from those wonky tween years into a thriving teenager.that is more self confident and just excited about each day ahead. Thank you Jenn for loving our kid like your own and for helping Jayden be her best self!! We are excited to see what this year brings !! 

JBC Parent- 14 Year Old Client

Jenn has been a blessing to our family. One of our daughters was struggling with negative self-image. Mrs. Jenn has taught her strategies to cope with her thoughts and remind herself of what makes her special. We have seen a difference in how she interacts with her siblings at home. We are so greatly appreciative of the work Mrs. Jenn has done. 

JBC Parent- 12 Year Old Client

Growth leads to confidence and confidence leads to healthy habits, positive thoughts, and a healthy mindset.

Image by Hannah Busing
  • What if we want to resign up for another package when my child is done?
    You can resign to another 5 or 10 sessions after you complete your initial 12 session package. It is important that we connect and gain a relationship to move forward in a shorter amount of time.
  • Will coaching work on my child?
    Coaching will work when objections do not stand in the way. The most coachable child is one with supportive parents and a willingness to give them the support to be successful. Hard work and pushing the comfort zone of idling is how someone can make impactful changes. I will walk with the family to create a meaningful and successful experience.
  • What's the cost of the coaching packages?
    Pricing options are available upon request or can be explained during a discovery call. Book here to get your free call today.
  • If I refer someone, can I get a discount?
    Absolutely! We are kicking off a $100 gift if you refer someone and they book with me! Just send me a text or an email to verify.

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Don’t wait for your teen or young adult to be overwhelmed and defeated by life. Reach out now to give them the tools in their tool boxes of communication, organization and studying skills, positive mindset, and reflection. 


There's no better way to empower your child before or soon after they leave the nest. Allow them to explore their inner beliefs and true self. Consider this the classroom of life tailored to who they are on a mission to set them on the best possible path forward.

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