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There's something about community and camaraderie that sparks inexplicable, irreplaceable, and innate joy.

If you're part of or involved in a local program, group or team and you're looking to build better bonds, stronger communication skills, and/or learn new tools for mental health and overall wellness, you're in the right place.



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Mindset Training


Turn Negative Thoughts into a Positive Mindset

Sports Team Bonding


Develop a Winning Mindset

and Rockstar Communication Skills

Professional Development

for School Faculties


Cultivate a Culture of Communication and


Professional Development

Discover the Seven Levels of Energy

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My name is Jenn Brown and I am a certified life coach who equips teens, young adults, parents, and teams of people with powerful tools to help them succeed in their everyday lives.


After 16 years in the education world, I have learned that strong relationships and self-driven reflection is the key to a focused, flourishing life, and healthy community experiences.


Today, I facilitate engagements and seminars that teach you and your group/team strategies for how to recognize and be in control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions each day.

By doing so, we're creating cohesive teams, healthy communities and thriving adults, teens, teachers, administrators, parents and coworkers.


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IPEC ELI master practitioner badge

A Bit about me

I am a graduate of IPEC, a member if the ICF, and currently a part of the Teen Coaching Academy Practitioner Level I taught in Waco ISD, Mesquite ISD (Instructional Specialist) and served as Assistant Director and Director Little Acorns CDC.


I have a successful life coaching business and work directly with teens and young adults to uncover road blocks in their lives, as well as inspire them to think bigger for their future.


"Jenn's coaching is insightful and easy to put into practice. She is transparent with her personal struggles making her even more relatable to her audience.


"I would highly recommend her to any organization wanting to address mental health issues in a positive and meaningful way.”

- NCL Speaking Engagement Attendee

“Your presentation spoke my language! I will be reaching out to chat about you working with my daughter.

"Your help is for real life!”


- NCL Member

“It was so helpful to recognize the levels and realize my tendencies to settle into one level.

“Work/Life balance can be challenging to balance, and working on my communication skills is key to working as a team.”

- Professional Development Presentation Attendee

Growth leads to confidence and confidence leads to healthy habits, positive thoughts, and a healthy mindset.


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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas


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