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Meet Jenn

Certified Life Coach & Teen Coach

My name is Jenn Brown and I am a certified life coach for teens and young adults, as well as a partner with parents. I have been in education for sixteen years, either as a teacher in the classroom, an instructional coach, or as a director of a child care center. I will complete my IPEC certified coaching certification in summer of 2023, as well as a certification in the Teen Academy. 


In fact, my dream was to be an occupational therapist in my early years of college. I talked myself out of that degree path because the classes “looked” hard. I didn’t have the confidence in myself to study hard, ask for help, and try something uncomfortable. My decisions as a young adult made a ripple effect throughout my whole life, and left me with the, 'what if' thought in the back of my mind. I know now that this was my journey because my purpose is to help teens and young adults listen to that voice and have the ability to explore their intuition.

My faith in God has built me up to who I am today and I am grateful daily. 

Jenn Brown Coaching Headshot
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The Success Coaching Package

This coaching program was created to invite, encourage and educate teens and young adults in order to:

• build life skills, 

• work on uncomfortable situations, 

• learn how to ask questions and talk to their parents, 

• create productive habits, and 

• overcome specific blocks in their lives. 


There is no better investment than in your child’s future!

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